"Trained in the most dynamic cities in the world and inspired by the most cosmopolitan artistic movements, Gregoire Devin transmits in his art the energy of Street Culture, of "Pop Art" and of «counter-culture» in New York. 


Its modern kaleidoscopic works resolutely question the symbiotic relationship between men and women, children's art and its interaction with Street Art, but also the place of the individual in the vast urban space around us."


- European Film Festival of Lille, France



"Grégoire Devin, French artist, brilliantly evokes mental, urban ideas through his paintings.  While using street art as a base, Devin integrates concepts and styles that draw from the early facets of childhood art, his travels, and his interactions with street culture and graffiti. ​​​​


As his paintings are almost a maze of his thoughts inspired by his travels, Devin’s compositions are busy and dense with collage and imagery, but not in an overwhelming way.  At  first glance, you may seem lost, as it’s hard to decipher Grégoire’s code of what these images and words or phrases are doing placed together on the same canvas.  But being lost in Devin’s work is not a bad thing.  It’s while lost in the labyrinth of ideas and depictions of urban life Devin displays for us, the viewer is able to become fully engulfed by his ideas, as his works ask us to rethink our relationship to the vast urban space around us"​​


- Paul Gost, New York Arts Magazine




2020        ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2020 - New York, USA (Postponed to April 2021)


2019        Gallery Max, Solo Show - New York, USA (Feb. 6-27)


2018        SPECTRUM MIAMI - Miami, USA

                Winner of the GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2018 - Dubai, UAE

                ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2018 - New York, USA


2017        TOKYO Art Fair - Tokyo, Japan


2016        SIA Gallery - New York, USA


2015        Galerie Marie Ricco - Calvi, France

                4th Franco-Chinese Art Show - Beijing, China      

                Galerie Sandy Toupenet - Paris, France


2014        Galerie Sandy Toupenet - Paris, France

                Museum of Modern Art of Dalian, China

                Red Gallery - Beijing, China


2013       Guozhong Art Museum - Beijing, China

               Art Beijing 2013 - Beijing, China

               ​​​​​​"They were, they are, they will" - Atlantic Gallery - New York, USA


2012       Red Dot Art Fair - Miami, USA​
               "Dialogue(s)" - Montserrat Gallery - New York, USA​
               Museum of Contemporary Art - Hainan, China​


Born in April 1978 in Nantes - France, Grégoire DEVIN started drawing at a very young age and created his first artworks in 2009. First exhibitions in France in 2011. Selected in 2012 by the jury of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Hainan, China.




Grégoire DEVIN ©​ 2020 - All rights reserved.


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